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Black Widow v02 – The Tightly Tangled Web (2015)



Black Widow v02 – The Tightly Tangled Web (2015)

On a snowy night in Prague, Black Widow must fight his way out of the disaster along the Winter Soldier! And, as London Business Isaiah is challenging, Natasha finds herself fighting against – or the next? – The Punisher to access the deadly criminal network. But trapped on an oil rig exploded with a skull and crossbones his team, Frank and Natasha will complete their mission – or accept each other? Then, Hawkeye is back! But can his fight with the widow Isaiah cost your life? And as a result of the death of Wolverine, Black Widow bonds with a dull X-23 over the stamping and espionage, and combined with the Howling Commandos in a dangerous mission in Afghanistan. But what will the Avengers do when they learn how Natasha was spending his weekends? Collection Black Widow (2014) # 7-12 and The Punisher (2014) # 9.

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