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Avengers – Celestial Quest (2012) (TPB)



Download Avengers – Celestial Quest (2012) (TPB)

Collecting CELESTIAL QUEST #1-8
Journey with a select group of Earth`s Mightiest Heroes as they embark on a quest of cosmic proportions! When the Celestial Madonna known as Mantis sends out a space-spanning SOS that is received by the Vision, the Avengers` resident android gathers an elite unit of heroes – including Thor, Scarlet Witch, and Silverclaw – to come to her rescue. But what happens when the big bad gunning for Mantis turns out to be the nigh-omnipotent (and Death`s main squeeze) Thanos of Titan? Why, a galactic-sized dose of stellar excitement, brought to you as only Marvel Comics can bring it!

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