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Daredevil Epic Collection Vol. 18 – Fall From Grace (2014)


Download Daredevil Epic Collection vol 18 – Fall From Grace (2014)

Collects Daredevil (1964) #319-332 and Annual #10.
It’s the epic saga that reintroduced Elektra to the Marvel Universe! The Hand ninja clan unleashes a super-virus on New York, and only Daredevil can stop them – but not without some unexpected help from a long-lost love and a new, armored costume! Can the Man Without Fear come to terms with his past with Elektra in time to halt the Hand’s terror plot, even if it means the end of his secret identity? And when Baron Strucker assembles a team of cyber-terrorists to plunge the world’s computer systems into global anarchy, will even Captain America’s aid be enough to defeat them? Guest-starring Nick Fury, Black Widow and more!

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