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Fantastic Force Vol 2 #1-4 (2009)


Download Fantastic Force v2 01-04 (2009)

From the pages of the Fantastic Four: The Hooded Man! Lightwave! Banner! Natalie X! Psionics! Alex Ultron! They’re the last six superhumans from a devastated future! They’ve rescued the remnants of a devastated humanity by relocating them to an artificial planet in the present day! Now they face their greatest challenge-to create a better utopian society! But there are vast forces from across the Marvel Universe who will move against them-plus a threat from their own era they thought they’d left behind! The series was originally an ongoing series, but became a five issue mini-series wen it’s first issue came out. With issue 2, the series had been downgraded to a four issue mini-series.

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