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Ghost Rider 2099 #1-25+Ghost Rider 2099 – Daddy Dearest (1994-1996)



Download Ghost Rider 2099 001-025+Ghost Rider 2099 – Daddy Dearest (1994-1996)

Kenshiro Cochrane, nicknamed Zero, was a hacker and a data thief in the year 2099. But when he and his group, the Hotwire Martyrs, broke into a secured computer system and stole valuable data from Transverse City’s D/Monix company, his life disintegrated. Jeter Warlord and the Artificial Kidz, acting on information supplied to them by D/Monix, attacked the Martyrs and both Zero’s fellow hackers were either killed or captured. Zero himself ran for his life with a flechette round shot in his shoulder before eventually being cornered by Jeter. But instead of giving Jeter the pleasure of killing him, Zero injected himself into cyberspace without a buffer, which left his body a dead lump of flesh to be destroyed by the Kidz.

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